Anne-Laure Peressin
Art critic, curator, author of art history for young people

French, English
Specialties: Abstract painting, non-figurative, materiality, "bricology" and crafts

Born in 1991, Anne-Laure Peressin is an art critic and curator. She lives in Paris and resides at POUSH (Aubervilliers) at the Bureau des Penseur.euses. Graduated in law and art history, she was an active member of the collective Young Art Critics (YACI) from its creation to 2020, editor in chief in the art press for 4 years and author for children in art history at Fleurus editions. She regularly collaborates in the writing of catalogs and conducts interviews with artists, notably for the Beaux-arts de Paris publishing house. Since 2021, she has been supporting the work of Clédia Fourniau by devoting a major part of her research to her.

His subjects of investigation are concentrated around three axes: the mediation of contemporary art with the youngest; a reflection on the materiality of the object which makes work to probe its components and its sensitive effects; and a reflexive approach in the ways of making exhibition where space, works and devices are conditional elements of a total apprehension.