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Carré Sur Seine

Through its network of galleries and museums, its major architectural heritage and the development of the Valley of Culture, the city of Boulogne-Billancourt has perpetuated a tradition of artistic emulation since the 1930s. Wishing to actively contribute to the enrichment of this ambitious policy, four art galleries of Boulogne-Billancourt(the Exit contemporary art gallery, the Green Flowers art gallery, the galerie Mondapart and the Voz'galerie) founded in 2011 theassociation Carré sur Seine (association non-profit and general interest law 1901). Today Carré sur Seine is carried by Maria Giovanna Gilotta, Isabelle Lefort and Florence Provost.

Carré sur Seine s mission is to contribute to the development of contemporary art through concerted action, by offering its donors privileged rencontres artistiques and cultural opportunities, and by organizing operations to support contemporary artistic creation. Committed to promoting young artists, thanks to the donations of its members and partners and by relaying fund-raising appeals,association helps give birth to original projects and promising talents. The major events organized by Carré sur Seine are Rencontres Artistiques.

Next to it, some pictures of the award ceremony Carré sur Seine 2020.


La Casa - 10 years of the award Carré Sur Seine

La Casa is a shelter, a state of mind, the sentinel of our creations, and finally the title of an exhibition, dreamed, then imagined, finally realized: the exhibition-celebration of the winners of the 10 years of the Prize Carré sur Seine gathered under the same roof.

Chiara Parisi, president of the Jury Carré sur Seine 2022 and director of the Centre Pompidou-Metz, invited the 16 artists of the prize to propose a reading of their vision of things by a choice of works organized from the presentation of a physical as well as mental baggage.

Since 2011, Carré sur Seine has been working alongside artists. Over the years, the expertise ofassociation, reinforced by the intuition and passion of its founders, has forged links between the various players in the world of art and culture. The Carré sur Seine Prize is a continuation of the Rencontres Artistiques. It is awarded to the emerging scene to generate and regenerate the present and build possible futures through art.

The richness of perspectives, the mix of artistic visions and cultures of the Prize winners Carré sur Seine intends to dialogue with the place that hosts the exhibition: POUSH. A breathtaking exhibition space, POUSH invites itself to be lived as a global artistic and cultural experience and conveys an idea of La Casa as a place that tells, in each of the expressions and projects presented, the story of those who inhabit it.

A roof, four walls, a door, windows... and suitcases.

Carré sur Seine thanks its partners for their support toassociation : the City of Boulogne-Billancourt, the Interconstruction Endowment Fund, the Emerige Endowment Fund, the Compagnie des bateaux à roues and the ICART (School of Cultural Mediation and Art Market)



Price Carré sur Seine 2022

On November 8, 2022, the Jury met with its President, Chiara Parisi, Director of the Centre Pompidou-Metz, and the heads of Carré sur Seine : Maria Giovanna Gilotta, Isabelle Lefort and Florence Provost to present the finalists voted by the jury: Raphaëlle Bertran, Bryce Delplanque, Pauline-Rose Dumas, Cristina Escobar, Jérôme Gelès, Mélina Ghorafi, Juliette Green, Michel Jocaille, Émeric Lhuisset, Marie Mons, Tami Notsani, Jonathan Pepe, Luca Resta, Clara Rivault and Silina Syan.
Following an exciting deliberation, given the richness of the artistic approach of the finalists, the Prize Carré sur Seine 2022 was awarded to :

- Raphaëlle Bertran, for the strength and balance invested in an analytical approach to painting that anchors the latter in a new narrative and demonstrates the power that can emanate from a work of research that is woven while remaining close to human intimacy;
-Emeric Lhuisset, for his ability to represent the controversial facts of contemporary geopolitical history, challenging the official and canonized formulas of historical and journalistic narratives, for the rights of global citizenship in the post-colonial era;
-Luca Resta, for his ability to address issues such as provenance, descent, and the memory of the everyday from a contemporary perspective that combines lyricism and irony.

The three prizes will be awarded to the winners during the big collective exhibition that will bring together, for the 10th anniversary of the Prize Carré sur Seine, in February 2023, all the winners in the big exhibition room of POUSH. Yvannoé Krugerdirector of POUSH, Laure Colliex and Hervé Digne, co-founders of Manifesto, welcome and support this new exhibition, curated by Chiara Parisi, Carré sur Seine and POUSH.

Press kit Carré sur Seine 2022 >>

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"Art is the shortest way from man to man."

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