Where and when are the Rencontres Artistiques ?2024-05-01T11:28:02+02:00

The Rencontres Artistiques 2024 will be held at Espace Landowski, 28 avenue André Morizet, 92100 Boulogne on June 25, 26, 27 and 28.

Metro 9 - Marcel Sembat / 10 - Boulogne Jean-Jaurès
Bus 126 and 175 stop Hôtel de Ville de Boulogne-Billancourt


What are the conditions of participation for Rencontres Artistiques ?2024-05-03T11:36:30+02:00
  • The Rencontres Artistiques Carré sur Seine are open to all artists, whatever their discipline, age or nationality.
  • The deadline for applications is 3 June 2024.
  • Applications must be submitted online only via the Platform Rencontres Artistiques 2024.
  • If you have any questions about the Rencontres Artistiques 2024 please write to carresurseine2024@gmail.com
  • All the details are available on theassociation website on the page Terms and conditions on theassociation website. 
What are the application selection criteria for the Rencontres Artistiques ?2024-04-20T19:42:14+02:00

To participate in the Rencontres Artistiquesare selected byAssociation Carré sur Seine .

  • Selection is based on the originality and relevance of the artist's approach to the contemporary scene.
  • Carré sur Seine recommends that artists take care to ensure the coherence of all documents provided.
  • Candidates will be notified by email of their admission to the Rencontres Artistiques.
When will I know if my application to the Rencontres Artistiques has been accepted?2024-05-01T11:31:09+02:00

You will receive a notification from our team, by email, from June 6, 2024.

When will the finalists for the award be announced? Carré sur Seine2024-04-20T19:30:32+02:00

The expert jury will meet in autumn 2024 to select the finalists for the Carré sur Seine Prize, who will take part in the group exhibition.

My application has been accepted. How can I make an appointment with the experts?2024-05-01T12:02:54+02:00

Successful candidates are notified of their selection and of the terms and conditions of participation by e-mail. They will receive the necessary identifiers to access their 'Artist Account'.

Candidates are invited to enter fifteen names of experts they would like to meet, along with their availability in terms of days and times, in their 'Artist Account'.

Creation of an Artist Account on the Rencontres Artistiques2024-05-01T12:18:48+02:00

The creation of your 'Artist Account is automatically created when your application is validated.

You will receive your login details by e-mail. Make a note of them - you'll need them for future connections.
Please note! These identifiers cannot be changed.

If you've forgotten your password, perform a password recovery procedure using the lost password function to recover your password. Please note! Be sure to enter the same e-mail address you used to send your application.

How do I book appointments with the experts?2024-05-03T11:32:03+02:00

To make an appointment with the experts :

Once all the artists have expressed their wishes and indicated their availability, the appointment booking tool will automatically carry out several iterations to maximize the match between the artists' requests and the experts' schedules. 

You will then be asked to confirm your agreement or to reject the appointment proposals so that the tool can suggest new appointments.

You will need to validate your appointments by paying online. 

How many appointments with the experts can I book?2024-05-01T12:35:56+02:00

In the interests of fairness, each selected candidate may obtain a maximum of 5 appointments, subject to the number of places available and the attendance slots of the experts they are interested in. 

It is forbidden to exceed the limit of 5 appointments, otherwise the candidate will be arbitrarily removed from sessions in order to remain within the regulatory limit, without the possibility of reimbursement.

Of course, if there are still vacancies, this limitation will be lifted by Carré sur Seine.

How much does it cost to make an appointment with an expert?2024-04-20T19:44:38+02:00

Each individual appointment with an expert costs 12 euros

Payment is made online using a credit card. 

We remind you that since 12 June 2021, all online payments are subject to double authenticationalso known as strong authentication. Double authentication becomes the rule.

Can I request an invoice?2024-06-11T11:06:53+02:00

Yes, just send an email to carresurseine2024@gmail.com .
Please specify in your email :

  • Your first and last name
  • Your postal address
  • Number of sessions rules
What are the cancellation conditions?2024-04-20T19:35:14+02:00

In case of cancellation of a session by an expert or by Carré sur Seine, the candidate will be entitled to a refund of the session upon request to contact@carresurseine.com unless the session could be rescheduled in agreement with the candidate.

No refunds will be made in the event of late arrival or withdrawal.

How can I best prepare for appointments with the Rencontres Artistiques?2024-06-10T17:09:04+02:00

Please find below a guide for candidates selected for the Rencontres Artistiques Carré sur Seine 2024.


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