June 25, 26, 27 and 28, 2024

5,000 euro grant

Rencontres Artistiques

Yvannoé Kruger
President of the Award Carré sur Seine 2024 Edition


Carré Sur Seine


Landowski Space
28, avenue André Morizet
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt


More than 100

June 25, 26, 27 and 28, 2024

Endowment 5 000 euros

Rencontres Artistiques


Carré Sur Seine


Espace Landowski
28, avenue André Morizet


more than 100


Visit Rencontres Artistiques 2024

The Rencontres Artistiques Carré sur Seine are an annual professional event which offers artists the opportunity to develop their professional network and gain access to career opportunities in the artistic field.

Following a call for applications, the selected artists present their work and interact with various art world professionals: curators, gallery owners, art critics, foundation representatives, directors of art centers, festivals and museums, etc. The artists choose the professionals - experts - they wish to meet.

The Rencontres Artistiques are open to all artists working in the visual arts: installation, video, painting, photography, sculpture, performance... whatever their speciality, age or nationality.
Under the impetus of President Yvannoé Kruger, for the first time in 2024, the Rencontres Artistiques open up to other fields of art: performance, sound, curatorial practices, etc.

An exceptional godmother for the Rencontres Artistiques 2024

Personally invited by President Yvannoé Kruger, the Carré sur Seine team is delighted to welcome Stéphanie Pécourt, Director of the Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles/Paris and godmother of the Rencontres Artistiques 2024.

Nexity Heritage residential program

As part of the new collaboration between Nexity Héritage and Carré sur Seine, three studios will be made available to three selected visual artists.
The Nexity Héritage residency program will run from July 1 to December 20, 2024.

The Price Carré sur Seine

Launched in 2013 to shine a spotlight on the contemporary art scene, each year the Carré sur Seine Prize singles out one or more winners from among the finalist artists nominated by the current edition's jury of professionals.

It extends the spirit of Rencontres Artistiques and embodiesassociation 's commitment to promoting and celebrating emerging artistic talent. It provides a platform for exploring, encouraging and rewarding contemporary creative expression. The Prize is endowed with 5,000 euros, and is accompanied by an exhibition showcasing the selected finalists.

For the 2024 edition, the Carré sur Seine Prize is evolving.
In addition to the traditional prize and the Prix du Fonds de Dotation Interconstruction introduced in 2023, we are introducing for the first time the Prix Perspectives Curatoriales, the Nexity Héritage Residence Program and the Prix de la Marraine. These awards add a new dimension to the artistic recognition of the historic prize.

_Prix Carré sur Seine│Fonds de Dotation Interconstruction
The Fonds de Dotation Interconstruction is renewing its prize and offering an endowment of 5,000 euros for an artist whose expression is linked to a work of sculpture or volume. It is awarded by the FDD Interconstruction jury.

_Prix Carré sur Seine│Prix Perspectives Curatoriales
In 2024,
Carré sur Seine will be awarding the Prix perspectives curatoriales for the first time, with an endowment of 1,000 euros. The winner will also have the opportunity to support Yvannoé Kruger and the Carré sur Seine team in the design and production of the 2024 finalists' exhibition.

_Prix Carré sur Seine│Nexity Heritage residential program
Rencontres Artistiques 2024 are the occasion for Carré sur Seine to announce a new partnership with Nexity Héritage. As part of this collaboration, three studios will be made available to the three selected visual artists.
The winners of the Nexity Heritage Residence Program will be showcased at the finalists' exhibition.

_Prix Carré sur Seine│Prix de la Marraine
This prize is awarded to the winner chosen from among all the finalists in the group exhibition, with an endowment of €1,500. The winner will be included in future programming at the Centre Wallonie Bruxelles/Paris.

📣 Artists ,
Foundations, galleries, art centers, art critics, collectors, journalists, curators, festival directors... welcome you to the artist days organized byassociation Carré sur Seine .
The Rencontres are open to all artistic disciplines (sculpture, photography, painting, performance art, etc.) and enable you to gain critical feedback on your work, find opportunities to distribute and exhibit it, and access sources of funding for your projects.
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Become an Expert

Supporting Contemporary Creation

Would you like to join the team of experts at the heart of Rencontres Artistiques Carré sur Seine ?

If you are art historians, gallery owners, curators, art critics or museum curators, we are delighted to welcome you!
Come and bring your technical knowledge, your skills, your advice or your contacts to contemporary artists.
In an atmosphere of kindness and sharing, the Rencontres Carré sur Seine are an opportunity to discover new talents, create new collaborations and support ambitious projects. Come and join us!

Write to us at our address: contact@carresurseine.com

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Would you like to take part in Rencontres Artistiques Carré sur Seine ?

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Visit Rencontres Artistiques Carré sur Seine offers you the opportunity to present your work to members of the contemporary art community. Whether you're showing a complete series of works or seeking feedback on works in progress, meetings with these art professionals will provide you with advice, guidance and new opportunities.

Write to us to be registered in our database: candidats.lectures@gmail.com


Carré Sur Seine


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