Catherine Duparc
Catherine DuparcActive volunteer
Having studied classical literature, Catherine DUPARC currently works as a communicator in large public and private institutions. Thanks to the movement created around the Pompidou Center and the CAPC Bordeaux, she discovered contemporary art and began to collect. Always on the lookout for a real expression of the intimacy of the eyes or the upheaval of the world, she is passionate about discovering new talents in the emerging scenes throughout all disciplines (material, painting, space, photography, performance) . Her experience in theater makes her particularly sensitive to how artists perform and to the exploration of space and temporality. As a member of the Carré sur Seine jury, she shares these values ​​and defends this commitment for artists.

In 2021, Catherine is the President of the Members Jury Carré sur Seine for the LISTEN TO award.

Marilyne Bloch
Marilyne BlochActive volunteer
Art lover, collector, and historical member of theAssociation CARRÉ SUR SEINE , Maryline Bloch is already president of the Jury of the ECOUTEZ VOIR Prize of theassociation Carré sur Seine , which rewards, with an endowment of 2000 euros, an artist having participated in the Rencontres Artistiques and selected to participate in the cycle ECOUTEZ VOIR.
For the Rencontres Artistiques, it seeks to meet talented artists from all disciplines who are able to present their work as part of the monthly cycle ECOUTER VOIR, which gives artists the opportunity to speak at a screening before an audience of art lovers.

From Boulogne, withassociation Carré sur Seine , she wishes to invest in culture in the broadest sense of the word, by working on communication and searching for new artists.

 Céline Bailleul
David Bailleul Active volunteer
A consultant in Human Resources and a passionate art enthusiast, she specializes in professional support for people working in Art, Culture and Heritage. She wanted to participate in the emergence and support of contemporary artists within the Association Carré Sur Seine , for which she provides the animation of social networks.