Azad Asifovich
Exhibition curator

French, English, Russian
Specialities: Painting, Sculpture, Installation

Azad Asifovich is a curator and art lecturer with a background in political science, culturology and curatorial studies, currently based between Paris and Antwerp. He is interested in the relationship between artistic practice, contexts and their representation. His projects question gray zones, gender and the art world, and revisit (non-)Western historical references through common knowledge such as TV series, linguistic habits and popular literature. Her curatorial practice involves co-creation and co-writing through a stenographic device and contextual interventions.

Recent projects:

"...into the wordless" by Nikolay Koshelev, The Oregon Center for Contemporary Art, Portland, USA
Geopolitical anamorphosis by Ghazel, The Municipal Art Gallery of the Municipality of Thessaloniki in Central Macedonia, Greece
CITIZENS OF KYIV by Alexander Chekmenev, co-curator with Asli Samadova, Athens Democratic Forum, Greece
The Museum: Discourses on happiness with Fidan Abilova, Louisa Babari, Katya Ev, Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos, Shalala Salamzadeh & Leyli Salayeva, co-curator with Asli Samadova, Ta(r)dino 6, Baku, Azerbaijan