Tuesday 24 November 2020 - 6.30 pm

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Emerige Revelations A world in your image


Emerige Revelations


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11 artists

Tuesday 24 November 2020 - 6.30 pm


Carré Sur Seine



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The Bourse Révélations Emerige is a springboard program designed to support the young French scene in partnership with an internationally renowned gallery. Each year, after a selection process lasting several months, 12 artists are chosen to exhibit collectively under the curatorship of Gaël Charbau next fall. One of them is awarded the Emerige Revelations Grant.

We are going to discover the 11 artists chosen this year thanks to a commented virtual visit of this 7th edition of the Emerige Revelations.


"The selection process for this new edition obviously took place under special conditions regarding form, but the substance of our work remained unchanged. With Olivier Antoine, founder of the Art:Concept gallery, our selection committee has selected eleven artists this year, seven women and four men. Influenced as every year by the gaze of the invited gallery owner, this new edition offers a strong place to the image and particularly to painting. Whether within the limits of its materiality (Clémence Mauger), in its critical, introspective or intimate horizon (Ludovic Salmon, Elené Shatberashvili), in its capacity to transform the derisory into the strange (Raphaël-Bachir Osman) or, on the contrary, in the vibrant and sensual poetry of its flesh (Marcella Barceló), painting continues to be a field of experience and expression for the younger generations. Painted figures deployed in space (Charlotte Vitaioli) or painting of space itself (Rob Miles), pictoriality of the video image (Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis), even when artists move away from the traditional medium, it is a question of playing with stories and references (Lucia Carlier) or imagining landscapes of exchange and mixing of know-how (Giuliana Zefferi) where the experimental becomes entangled with a long tradition of doing.

For many young intellectuals, the question is no longer how to "live in the world" but rather how to cohabit with it: the modernity that systematized the clean slate, that claimed the new against the old, is evaporating in pain. A new thought of the common succeeded it, a pragmatic thought of "doing with" all forms of life, avoiding the reappearance of past mistakes. This model of cohabitation allows not only the coexistence of forms and above all their decompartmentalization: in this ecosystem, nothing is watertight. It is a plastic thought, and there is no doubt that the aesthetic experience, the one that this whole generation of artists is working on following their elders, will increasingly feed the models of those who seek to rethink the world."

Gaël Charbau - Curator of the Emerige Revelations Scholarship


Visio visit by Teams - 45 minutes approx.

As the number of places is limited to 20 people, it is necessary to make a reservation by writing to contact@carresurseine.com .

The modalities of participation will be sent on the morning of Tuesday 24th November.