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Winner Carré Sur Seine 2020

Caroline Le Méhauté

Born in 1982 in Toulouse.
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Caroline Le Méhauté

Born in 1982 in Toulouse.  


Through a reflection based on our subjective understanding of time, space and matter, Caroline Le Méhauté's work reveals in each human being the secret and universal questioning of the relationship to oneself, to others and to the world.
Through her sculptures, installations, drawings and videos, the artist materializes the question of the meaning that Man wants to give to his position in a world that is increasingly difficult to grasp.

The Negotiations series challenges the viewer: are we still free of our impact in the world or are we locked into the shackles of society's deregulated functioning (Negotiation 94 - The expression of our respectful and sincere consideration, 2018)? Caroline Le Méhauté's installations physically engage the viewer in a debate about their need to mutate and adapt. Caroline Le Méhauté confronts Man with his role and responsibilities towards nature (Négociation 63 - Une simple éraflure, 2013). The artist then gives all its atemporal dimension to nature through the use of peat in her works. A fossil microcosm, a time capsule formed by the accumulation of strata over long periods of time, it is both a reflection of our society's perpetual restarting and an imposing natural element giving Man back his place: only an element in the immensity of nature (Négociation 24 - Être-là, 2010).

- exhibition-event of the winners of the Prize Carré sur Seine, from February 3 to 24, 2023 -

It is a suitcase filled with peat that she herself has extracted from the site that the sculptor proposes. Attached to other elements such as the rocks of the Moroccan desert and the volcanoes of the island of Java where she lived and surveyed, she deposits on this earth heavy with meaning the mineral evidence as essential for her as the philosophical material of the readings that took root in her approach. Among her favorite works, Gaston Bachelard's Poetics of Space.

Peat, earth, sand; the artist erects monuments to these age-old materials to underscore the urgency of preserving our resources, while celebrating their fascinating properties of absorbing, calming and protective hues. Referring to the aesthetics of the cone, the obelisk, the basin and the totem in her sculptures, Caroline Le Méhauté sharpens her irony. To the good conscience given in response to the warning messages, she uses a mocking title, "the expression of our respectful and sincere consideration".


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