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Winner Carré Sur Seine 2017


Born in 1985 in choisy-Le-ROI, France.
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Winner Carré Sur Seine 2017

Mary Queau

Born in 1985 in choisy-Le-ROI, France
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Marie Quéau has lived and worked in Paris since her last residency at the Cité international des Arts in 2017. Graduate of the ENSP Arles (2009), her work has been exhibited at the PhotoLevallois Festival, the Salon de Montrouge, the International Festival of fashion and photography in Hyères, spinning Mulhouse, Gallery Michel Chomette, as well as in various museums and Institutions.

In 2012, she received the Nofound photo fair/de Groot Foundation Prize for her series Gojira. Started in 2013, her odds and endsproject has already been supported by the CNES Space Observatory, the DRAC Grand Est and the European Centre for contemporary artistic actions (international project grants). In 2016, the artist was selected for a post-production residency at the CPIF (Centre photographic d'Ile-de-France) where she exhibited odds and ends series within the frame of the precipitates #3. Her photographs were also displayed at present & project exhibition, held at the Cité international des Arts in 2017. Marie Quéau was also Laureate of the 2017 CNAP creation grants (contemporary documentary photography). In 2018, odds end ends won the Carré Sur Seine Prize and was named among the finalists for the HSBC Photography Prize. In September 2018, her series Handbook was published by September books. In the meantime, Marie Quéau has participated in various collective exhibitions in ofr. Bookstore, Galerie triple V and Les Frigos in Paris. She has also taken part in collective publications such as Passion #3"the beautiful life from another angle", alterzeitgeist by Marielle Chabal and talweg 02 (petroleum editions). She was recently laureate of the "tailor-made residence" grant, supported by the French Institute, for her project "232,8 °c" that will be led in Rio (Brazil) in 2019.

- exhibition-event of the winners of the Prize Carré sur Seine, from February 3 to 24, 2023 -

A trunk rather than a suitcase for the photographer; to contain the images that she cuts, develops, preserves and that are "the engine of her relationship to reality"; sources with which she says, "live daily". This time, she has taken them down from the walls of her studio to keep them in the box. If the reading has another scale, it signifies her way of working and her intimacy. The content describes the flow and inspiration that runs through her work.

In a photographic atmosphere particularly thick with the material and light she captures, Marie Quéau fixes in her series Le Royaume sporting and carnival moments that testify to our belonging to the primitive world. The effort and the party give back to the bodies of those who immerse themselves in the silt a saving and mysterious aesthetic. The artist communicates the colorimetry of our connivance with Nature when the alchemy of life contains in substance that of death, under the day of the renewal.


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