Bertrand Dussauge
Intangible Heritage Engineering

French, English, Portuguese, Spanish
Speciality: Digitisation of works, Multi-media sculpture, Digital works, AI, NFT

The Meta-k studio was created by Bertrand Dussauge with engineers/artists who think meaningful forms, with AI algorithms, from social and environmental convictions. We are looking for the development of strategies of encapsulated images, and certified by a blockchain, with poetic text and sound.

With an experience of more than thirty years in art exhibitions in Brazil and a creative background with technology companies such as smart cards and AI, I became an expert in Web1 strategies (internet/intranet site), Web2 with e-Reputation of influential leaders on social networks, and now Web3 with decentralized content creations, certified unique by an NFT and augmented by an AI programmed with relational aesthetics. I also write and read texts from the emotions of a collector who wants to become an intermittent actor/curator.

This is why I accompany artists who think of forms to the invisibility of the world with a personal sensitivity on several mediums. I maintain a regular conversation with these artists to highlight synesthesias between creations, including those of missing authors and forgotten texts.

Finally, I always seek an artistic expression whose gestures begin with a "thought" in particular applied to the materialization of immaterial heritages and dialogues with positive plastic expressions. Thus, the ceremony of entry into the Pantheon of the resistant Josephine Baker or the packaging of the Arc de Triomphe drawn by Christo are examples of these immaterial challenges that can extend to patents and thoughts of employees in a company.

What is Art today?

The definition of Art arises again in 2022, at a time when NFT-certified digital copies proliferate with ideas from the gaming world, such as the "Bored Ape" series of images, but not yet real thoughts. You can find my interview in the booklet " NFT, Mine d'or " with the actors of the crypto-art.

With the Lascaux caves, it was a question of drawing a representation of the real world which became a truth only for those who had felt this same reality. After millions of years of drawings, the written language appears to express an immediate thought, past or future. This faculty becomes the property of the man and the conscience of his free will was going to allow the humanity to modify its destiny. Malraux wrote about it: "art is an anti-fate". History has shown us that totalitarian regimes always reduce the freedom of artistic expression.
Since 2020, the Obvious studio creates a series "Parietal Burners" with its algorithm (GAN), like an AI tool, from a dialogue between the hundreds of drawings of Lascaux and the latest spray of street artists:
Raws; Bond Truluv and lately Soklak. I also want to mention the Belgian theater company "La fabrique de l'imaginaire" which presents its new play in Avignon this year. "Détours et autres digressions" is a diptych (film + theater) which succeeds with a lot of humor and smiles, to share the process of infinite research of the creative forms of the thought of an author.

Albert Camus declared upon receiving his Nobel Prize in Stockholm in 1957: "Art is not in my eyes a solitary delight. It is a means of moving the greatest number of men by offering them a privileged image of the common sufferings and joys. It thus obliges the artist not to isolate himself". This definition could fit the emerging artists who gather in creative studios and create digital images within a community that follows them on social networks.

It is also necessary to seek the "true" before the "beautiful". The sculptor of the "Thinker", Auguste Rodin, declared this aphorism: "Is ugly in art what is false, what is artificial, what seeks to be pretty or beautiful instead of being expressive, what is mawkish and precious, what smiles without motive, what is mannered without reason, what arches its back [...] without cause, all that is without soul and without truth, all that is only a parade of beauty or grace, all that lies."